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Can I view stories without registering on Instagram?

Unfortunately Instagram itself doesn't allow you to view stories without registering. But what if you want to see a user's stories, but for some reason you don't have an Instagram account? Our service will help you with that. You can view the stories anonymously without registering or logging in to your account even if you have one.

How do I view stories on Instagram anonymously?

Many people know that Instagram keeps statistics on story views and the user who posted the story can see who watched it. But sometimes you do not want the person to know that you came to see his stories, you want to remain incognito. On our site you can do it anonymously, Instagram does not record views from our site and the user will not see your viewing.

Why download Instagram story?

Sometimes there is a need to save a story to your phone or computer and watch it later or just watch it from time to time. It can be some kind of a tip, a recipe, or just useful information that will come in handy in the future. If you don't do this - the story will disappear on the next day and there will be no opportunity to view it again. Our service allows you to download stories to your mobile or computer and then watch them from your device.

How to download Instagrams stories?

Instagram does not allow you to download stories, even if you are logged in. If you need to save a story, our site is here to help again. You can download any stories, highlights and other user posts. You don't need to register or sign in to your Instagram account. You can save both images and videos.

Can I view stories from private accounts?

Sometimes users make their Instagram pages private. Thus, only followers are able to view page contents. Our service receives only public data, so you can't view the stories or other publications from a private account.

Why is it sometimes not possible to view user stories?

Occasionally, the site generates an error when requesting the user's story. This may happen if the account doesn't exist or has been deleted for some reason. The error may also occur at high load on the service, when the site has a large number of visitors at the same time. In this case you need to wait for a minute and then try to make a request again.